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What is KeyCon?

The Nonprofit Partnership's Key Event

Welcome to the Keystone Nonprofit Conference! Formerly known as Nonprofit Day, this respected event was established in 2001 by The Nonprofit Partnership in Erie, Pennsylvania. What started as a one-day occasion has evolved over the years into a multi-day conference, offering a wealth of educational content, extensive networking opportunities, and an infusion of fun.


At KeyCon, we believe in empowering nonprofit professionals like you with the knowledge and connections necessary to excel in the field. Our conference is designed to provide a comprehensive experience, packed with insightful sessions, interactive workshops, and engaging discussions led by industry experts.

The theme for Keystone Nonprofit Conference 2024 is “Unite and Conquer.”  

The nonprofit sector plays a crucial role in addressing America’s societal challenges. However, we often operate in isolation which limits our ability to effect real change. It is our duty to challenge this status quo and advocate for collaboration and synergy among our organizations. By joining forces, we can leverage our collective strengths to tackle complex issues more effectively.

We are not meant to merely manage societal ills; our goal is to overcome them. With some of the most talented and dedicated individuals in our society, we possess the potential to solve big problems. By working together, we can harness this potential, emphasizing our capacity for excellence and urging us to work collectively towards conquering the challenges we face.


The conference will provide opportunities for discussion, education and networking that will focus on the need for the nonprofit sector to work more closely together in order to take advantage of the capacity of the incredible people within the sector to solve the problems that plague our society.  It can be done if we “Unite and Conquer.”

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