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Let's Get Social

We're busting nonprofit myth-conceptions at the Keystone Nonprofit Conference.

We can't do it without you, though.

Please consider responding to a prompt below. Your response may be featured on The Nonprofit Partnership's social media channels!

Respondents will be entered in a drawing for a FREE KeyCon registration.

Behind-the-Scenes Reality

Take viewers behind the scenes of your nonprofit organization. What are the daily operations like? How does your team work tirelessly to achieve your goals, despite the misconceptions?

Myth-Busting Stories

Share a personal or organizational experience where you successfully challenged a common nonprofit myth. How did you overcome it, and what impact did it have on your mission?

Dispelling Stereotypes

Create a short skit or monologue that humorously challenges a stereotype about nonprofit work. Showcasing the real faces behind the nonprofit sector can be powerful!

Myth vs. Fact Showdown

Design a creative comparison between a popular nonprofit myth and the real facts. 

Myth-Busting Heroes

Spotlight individuals or organizations that have been champions in debunking nonprofit myths. Showcase their accomplishments and the positive change they've brought about.

Reality Check Interviews

Conduct street interviews asking people about their beliefs regarding nonprofits. Then, reveal the actual facts to capture their surprised reactions.

Myth-Meme Challenge

Create and share memes that hilariously debunk nonprofit myths.

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